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Character Breakdown Part 1: The Angels

There are three essential character groups within my book, The Genesis of Seven, that are important to the overall story. I thought it might be a good idea to introduce these characters to you and explain a little bit more about them.

The first characters that I want to discuss are the angel characters. Below, you will find a list of the seven main archangels featured in my book and some facts about them.

#1 Gabriel

  • An angel of music

  • Associated with the color orange and the gemstone danburite

  • The sparrow is his bird messenger

#2 Michael

  • An angel of power

  • Associated with the color blue and the gemstone lapis lazuli

  • The eagle is his bird messenger

#3 Uriel

  • An angel of nature

  • Associated with the color red and the gemstone ruby

  • The falcon is his bird messenger

#4 Raphael

  • An angel of healing

  • Associated with the color green and the gemstone emerald

  • The barn owl is his bird messenger

#5 Jophiel

  • An angel of art

  • Associated with the color yellow and the gemstone citrine

  • The crane is his bird messenger

#6 Chamuel

  • An angel of the home

  • Associated with the color pink and the gemstone rose quartz

  • The osprey is his bird messenger

#7 Zadkiel

  • An angel of teaching

  • Associated with the color purple and the gemstone amethyst

  • The hawk is his bird messenger

I hope you enjoyed learning about my angels! I'm excited for you all to get to know them fully once the book is available on 7/7/2020. Preorders will be happening soon in the spring, so stay in touch on social media as more information is released.

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