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What Makes THE GENESIS OF SEVEN Special?

For a blog tour, I was asked this question (What makes The Genesis of Seven special?), and I must admit that this is one that authors hesitate to answer because it’s tough to know what to say. So, to keep my answer cohesive, concise, and convincing I thought it might be best to list out five reasons why my book, The Genesis of Seven, is special.

1. A new portrayal of angels From the moment I thought of this story, I knew I wanted to give the angels a different portrayal then previously seen in books and movies. I knew their backstory and history had so much unexplored potential, and I also knew I wanted to portray their diversity as well. Both of these factors make The Genesis of Seven special because my book delivers a new way to perceive and view the angels.

2. Reinterpretation of Biblical stories Although the angels are mentioned in the Bible, I felt like their story was glanced over and never completely explained. Since I had so many unanswered questions, I decided to dig deeper into their myths and lore and present my findings in a way that recreates their origin like never before. What this transformed into was an entertaining retelling, which is what makes The Genesis of Seven special.

3. Global adventure On top of these intents for my story, I also wanted it to be set across a worldwide backdrop. I wanted anyone who read this book, no matter where they lived, to be able to connect with it. For this reason, The Genesis of Seven is special because it includes a global travel component full of adventure.

4. Charismatic characters I believe characters make every story, so I knew I had to include ones in this book that readers liked and could root for. Each angel, each fallen, and each human in The Genesis of Seven are unique and fully-developed. No two are alike, and if anything, their differences are what make this a special book.

5. Intriguing story The last component of The Genesis of Seven that is special is the plot itself, full of hidden twists and turns, epic battles, and the bonds of brotherhood. If you love superhero stories than you’ll love this book because what better superheroes are there than the angelic ones.



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