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Character Breakdown Part 2: Jordan

The next character group from my book that I want to discuss really isn't a group, but rather a single person—Jordan Conway. He is one of the central characters in The Genesis of Seven, and much of the story is told through his perspective, although there are other character viewpoints within the book (which I will get into in another post next month).

Jordan is an eighteen-year-old orphan living in New York City (Brooklyn Heights to be specific), and is at a transition point in his life as he has just graduated high school. Instead of going to college, Jordan is pursuing a mission trip to Africa, but before he can depart, the Head Nun of his orphanage gives him another life-changing mission, one that throws him into the path of the archangels.

Here's some quick facts about Jordan to get to know him a little better:

  1. His birthday is March 25.

  2. He is loyal, selfless, and courageous (but he doesn't know it).

  3. He has dark, wavy auburn hair and green eyes.

  4. He tries to see the good in everyone.

  5. He loves helping others.

  6. He'll eat just about everything.

  7. Bouts of motion sickness easily befall him.

I know that wasn't much, but I'm excited for you all to get to know him fully once the book is available on 7/7/2020. We're getting closer and closer to the release, and I hope to have some exciting things to share with you all soon.


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