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Character Breakdown Part 3: The Fallen

The final character group in my book that I want to explore are the fallen. The fallen refer to the fallen angels and are otherwise known as the villains.

Essentially, Satan is the main villain or antagonist in The Genesis of Seven. However, he has other fallen angels do his bidding for him on occasion. These other fallen angels are referred to as The Six throughout the story.

Satan and The Six were originally angels and resided in Heaven before they all rebelled and started a war. After that, they were cast out and fell to Hell as punishment for their misdeeds. Now, they are considered the fallen.

A large part of the fallen's story focuses on how they love to be different than the angels in Heaven. Because of this, they relish in the qualities that differentiate them from the blessed. These qualities happen to be the deadly sins, which the fallen proudly embrace.

Here's a list of the fallen and the sins they are associated with:

  1. Satan - Anger

  2. Lucifer - Pride

  3. Leviathan - Envy

  4. Beelzebub - Gluttony

  5. Mammon - Greed

  6. Asmodeus - Lust

  7. Belphegor - Laziness

The fallen and their associations are explained in further detail within the book, and this is only a sneak peek into why they are so villainous.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my characters in each of these breakdown posts, and I promise this is only a brief glimpse into what The Genesis of Seven has in store. Only 68 days left until release!


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