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Getting to Know Me

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Rydal Mount & Gardens, England • Photo taken by Sara M Schaller

Welcome, everyone!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Sara, a graduate student (graduating in May!!!) and an author. Reading and writing have not always been my strong suits, in fact I was almost held back a grade in elementary school because I was below reading level. My mom enrolled me in a summer reading program run by nuns (I know, not the most traditional path, but regardless of that, it worked), and that’s really where I learned how to read.

Once I became a reader, I soaked up any and all types of stories. As a kid, it was too hard to describe what my favorite books, authors, or genres were because I was just discovering them and really had no idea. An example of this: I didn’t read the Harry Potter series until I was twenty-one. As for writing, it was pretty much nonexistent at the time because reading had been so hard for me that I figured writing a book would be nearly impossible. So, I admired others’ work and took in as much as I could.

My passion for books and reading carried me into college where I started out by studying English. Reading and analyzing the classics, I soon found my love of English literature, but I had a yearning for more. My English major quickly turned into an English and Art History double major with a minor in Religious Studies. These subjects were the foundation of my writing craft, as they allowed me to hone my writing skills. Although most of my written work at the time was college papers, these assignments really became the origin of my writing career because much of the research I completed and the topics I wrote about have all influenced my current fiction writing pursuits.

Throughout all those years from middle school to undergrad, I was carrying around a story inside my head, though. It kept developing and becoming even better, until one day it needed to come out, and the only place for it was on the page. At first, I always kept making up excuses about having no time to write, or that my writing simply wasn’t good enough. Maybe there was some truth in those statements, but they certainly weren’t the whole truth because almost every writer goes through some stage of self-doubt. Myself included.

This story that I am talking about turned out to be The Genesis of Seven (TGOS), my current novel that I have finished and am now revising. It took a truly life-altering experience for me to finally face my doubts and write this story, but in the end I’m glad I did because it has led me down a path that I know I am meant to be on, one full of reading, writing, and publishing. Thus the reason for this blog.

I plan to publish at least one post every week. As for what content you can expect, it will be much the same as the things I am truly passionate about: reading, writing, and publishing. This may take the form of book reviews, writing advice, or stories about my publishing journey. It could even be about something I have yet to think up, but rest assured it will always feature reading, writing, and publishing.

I hope you’re ready to set out on this adventure with me. It sure will be a wild one!

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