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POV: How is The Genesis of Seven Written?

POV, or point of view, is an important element of a story as it refers to who is telling the story. Most books typically have one point of view, and this viewpoint is usually that of the main character. Some books, however, can have multiple points of view, meaning that the story is told through several character viewpoints.

The choice between the two ultimately comes down to the author and what they are trying to achieve through their storytelling. The Genesis of Seven is actually written in multiple points of view, and the reason why I chose to do this is because I have several storylines that need to be portrayed.

In total, there are four character viewpoints in my book, and no matter the speaker, the book is continuously written in the first person, meaning that the narrative is told from the characters themselves using the "I" perspective.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the POVs in my book:

  1. Gabriel: Gabriel's viewpoint takes place mainly in the past, and his storyline is the most important since it provides a lot of backstory for the angels through flashbacks.

  2. Michael: Michael's viewpoint takes place in the present, and it not only reveals important information about the angels' backstory, but it also sets up a mysterious subplot.

  3. Satan: Satan's viewpoint occurs both in the past and present. The chapters which take place in the past contain his origin story whereas the chapters that take place in the present document how Satan tries to thwart the plans of Jordan and the angels.

  4. Jordan: Jordan's viewpoint takes place in the present, and is the central storyline that links together all the other character viewpoints. It is in Jordan's chapters where many past conflicts between the angels and the fallen are playing out.

Ultimately, these four characters had the most say, which is why I chose to tell the story through their perspectives. I know that might sound a little silly, but whenever I sat down to write, the words would simply flow for these four.

Each of them also demanded their stories be told through the first person, and I know this because I tried writing them in different ways and the only one that worked best was first person. Overall, I like the outcome since each of these characters are able to tell their own stories and express as much or as little emotion as they like.

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