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The Ultimate Fictional Heroines

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I firmly believe that fictional women (created for books, movies, TV shows, and any other medium) have the ability to impact the lives of others just like real women. Fictional heroines are inspirations and role models. They can empower people and enact change in the world. Because of this, why not celebrate them too during Women's History Month? I certainly am! Here are seven of my favorite fictional women, all fierce heroines in their own right whether intellectually, physically, or supernaturally.

Captain Marvel

Last week, I went to see Captain Marvel, the first Marvel movie dedicated to a female superhero. It was such an empowering film that I knew Captain Marvel had to be on this list. I promise I won’t spoil anything, but I have to say that this movie was awesome and everyone should go see it!

The storytelling and plot were creative, there was plenty of characteristic Marvel humor, and Captain Marvel herself is an amazing hero. I know that women of all ages will be inspired by her, and rightfully so, because she is one powerful woman that shows the whole world (actually the whole universe) how capable she is in controlling and harnessing her power for good. And for my Marvel fans out there, you may rejoice because I think she definitely has the potential to kick Thano’s butt in Endgame and right all the wrongs that occurred in Infinity War.

Wonder Woman

Another heroic icon that I love is Wonder Woman. She has been around since 1941, was created during World War II, and challenged the damsel in distress trope by embodying the figure of a liberated woman. She was actually the first female superhero to be featured in a DC film, and I loved that movie too. She is another one who is able to harness her power for good, and show that strength can be an adjective associated with, and embodied by, a woman.


What’s not to like about Mulan? She disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in a war. I mean that sounds pretty heroic to me. I also admire the values of family and honor that Mulan upholds. She was the first Disney princess to break the stereotypical role of a princess. Plus, in the end, she is able to enact change, as the emperor and her fellow military friends accept her for the warrior she is.


All I have to say about Merida is those archery skills. Well, I have a few other things to say, but you have to admire the archery skills. What I love about Merida is that she is a free spirit, one that is feisty and brave. I also appreciate how she was the first Disney princess who did not need a prince. I mean, I love a happily-ever-after, but it’s nice to see something different. And since the message in the movie is about family bonds, I think it was more appropriate for the mother-daughter connection to be the focus rather than a princely love interest.

Elizabeth Bennet

I know Elizabeth Bennet might seem randomly thrown in here, but she is my absolute favorite book heroine. Her intellect and wit are reasons that I admire her. She is also a book worm, so I can appreciate that about her too. I adore her love-hate relationship with Darcy, her courageous attitude to protect her sisters, and the familial bond that connects the entire Bennet family.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons herself! I will admit that a big reason why I adore Daenerys is because of the dragons. But there are many other attributes that make her a strong, heroic woman. One is that she defies the odds and never lets anyone tell her what to do. Another is that she shows compassion for the innocent and delivers justice to those that have wronged her and her people.

Arya Stark

No surprise here, but I adore Arya because of her mad sword skills. When it comes down to it, I love a good fight scene (which is probably why I picked half these women because they’re extraordinary fighters). Nevertheless, Arya is witty and cunning too, and she has the ability to outsmart any opponent.

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